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Videos for ambitious businesses.

We know you're busy and we know that video is often the last thing on your mind. We're here to make video production efficient for busy people so that it becomes a no-brainer for you. Why? We think videos are the best way to get the awareness you deserve.

Our video production team is Christchurch based, but we work New Zealand wide.

Videos are an incredibly effective tool for ambitious, trailblazing businesses eager for growth. Our packages are designed to provide quality, visually appealing videos that offer tons of insights for your audience, leading to increased recognition and more clients over the long term. Combining these elements can result in sustained growth for your business.

The problem with videos is that they can feel overwhelming, especially when you have to handle every single aspect of the process: coming up with topics, researching ideas, writing scripts, making the videos, doing the editing, and, of course, the most crucial part, getting the videos out.

We have a solution for that. With our packages, we’ve got you covered for the entire process, requiring only 90 minutes of your time each month with our monthly video plans or even less with our bespoke video plans. This means you can bid farewell to the massive workload that videos can entail and say hello to just 90 minutes of your time each month.

More about our video production services

Why is Dark Matters approach different?

Great question! Over the years, we’ve observed how content can contribute to business growth. In fact, we’ve achieved just that. Dark Matter has expanded directly due to content, as have many of our clients.

This approach succeeds thanks to the ‘larger market strategy.’ At any given time, only 3% of people are ready to buy. But what about the other 97%?

We believe that consistent visibility and engagement can establish you as an expert. Therefore, when the remaining 97% require your service, they immediately think of you. Why? Because you’ve consistently been there, seen, and heard.

Do you create one-off videos?

Yes! We still create one-off videos. Whether it’s for testimonials and case studies, or for your social media channels and websites, we can definitely help with one-off videos for you and your business.

Yes! We still create one-off videos. Whether it’s for testimonials and case studies, or for your social media channels and websites, we can definitely help with one-off videos for you and your business.

Do you work outside of Christchurch?

Yes! We have teams based in New Zealand. Additionally, we have contractors based in most regions around the country. Please get in touch to see if we can help in your area!

Yes! We have teams based in Auckland and Queenstown, as well as in Melbourne. Additionally, we have contractors in most regions around the country. Please get in touch to see if we can help in your area!

Are videos actually effective?

They certainly are. Anyone who says content doesn’t work has either created content that isn’t aligned with their audience/clients, taken a scattergun approach, or simply didn’t give it enough time.

In reality, if you don’t have a proper content strategy and execution framework in place, it was destined to fail anyway. However, with the right approach, content is the best lead generation and conversion tool at your disposal.

It doesn’t yield overnight success – good things take time. It takes time to scale and gain momentum, but once it does, content can be the fastest and most scalable way to grow your business.

How much does it cost?

Not as much as you might think! We’re incredibly efficient in our internal processes and systems, allowing us to pass on many of these savings to you.

For our content production packages (monthly subscriptions), they begin at $3.850 + GST per month for 10 videos! We don’t just churn out generic ‘videos.’ Instead, we conduct research to grasp what people are searching for in your market, what questions they have, and craft content tailored to their specific interests and needs.

Our bespoke video production packages start from $4.5k + GST. These are ideal if you require content for your business sporadically, such as case studies, testimonials, product videos, and more.

Please be aware that prices vary based on deliverables, but rest assured, our services are more affordable than you might anticipate. Feel free to reach out if you wish to delve further into our video production services.

Why do you focus on videos?

We concentrate on videos because it’s the most consumed medium on the internet and is favoured by nearly all platforms we use.

Beyond that, videos make you more memorable, establish you as an expert, and build your authority and awareness in the marketplace. All of that simply can’t happen through static posts like texts, photos, and graphics.

That said, we utilise videos as the primary medium of choice. With our content packages, we frequently repurpose videos into other formats to appeal to all your audiences and aid with retention.

What makes a great content strategy?

Creating great content boils down to several key factors:

Firstly, your copywriting skills are crucial – from crafting an engaging hook to scripting your content and choosing the right copy for your posts. Each element plays a significant role in the success of your content.

Secondly, your videos matter. It’s essential to create videos tailored to your target market, ensuring that the hook, thumbnails, and imagery resonate with their expectations.

Thirdly, your distribution strategy is vital. Taking a holistic view of your content strategy involves understanding where each piece fits into your funnel, identifying what your audience wants to learn, and determining how to drive conversions. Additionally, choosing the right platforms and tailoring content for each platform is essential.

Feeling overwhelmed? Don’t worry, we handle all of these aspects for you with our content packages.

Dark Matter vs hiring in-house?

There’s no definitive right or wrong answer for this question. Sometimes having an in-house team is preferable, and other times outsourcing is the way to go. It depends on your needs but video production isn’t a one-person job. That’s where the Dark Matter team can help.

Our team comprises copywriters who meticulously craft your scripts, copy, and other materials. Our production team then brings these scripts to life, editing them into deliverables that meet platform-specific requirements. Our graphic designers excel at creating conversion oriented thumbnails. Meanwhile, our distributors are adept at timing the release of your content to ensure it reaches the right audience.

While some of our team members work in-house, others are contracted out. Nevertheless, we operate as a cohesive team with a well-established system to deliver compelling content that converts for you.

Bringing video production in-house would necessitate hiring at least 5-6 additional team members, not to mention investing in software, equipment, and licensing. This isn’t practical for most businesses. In such cases, outsourcing your content production needs to Dark Matter makes perfect sense.

However, if your business already boasts an in-house team or has 100+ full-time equivalents (FTEs), then bringing content production in-house might be feasible. Dark Matter can provide coaching to your teams on utilising our systems and processes to generate high-quality, conversion-ready content.

Agencies or Production Companies?

Marketing, creative agencies, and video production companies excel in their respective domains, and your choice will largely hinge on your specific needs.

Marketing agencies specialise in media buying, campaign setup, and strategy development. However, they may lack in-house expertise for advising and executing on videos. Each agency varies in its resources. We collaborate closely with marketing agencies in New Zealand, serving as an outsourced partner for content expertise. While they excel in paid ad campaigns, our strength lies in video production.

If you require a highly polished video for a TV advertisement or a high-end campaign, video production companies are your go-to. They possess the skills to craft narratives, storyboard, create scripts, and produce videos. However, since most video production companies focus on crafting individual videos, their expertise may not extend to researching and creating organic, ongoing video content for growth.

Dark Matter is dedicated solely to video content strategy and production. We bridge the gap between a marketing agency and a video production company. Unlike firms that specialise in paid ads or high-spec, TV-level video production, our focus lies in researching content trends, keywords, and search data to create videos that enhance your expertise and expand your business. Our strategies and tactics undergo rigorous testing and are supported by data.

We don’t like guesswork. Therefore, everything we undertake is meticulously planned to maximise success in building your content-led company.

Does content work for all businesses?

Yes and no. Dark Matter concentrates on three primary target markets: Professional Services, B2B companies, and Complex Product Companies (Aerospace, Medical etc.)

Why these sectors? When we aim to cultivate expertise and, consequently, establish a content-led company, we must create content that addresses prevalent issues people face. Additionally, we consider the lifetime value of a client.

For most companies within these three markets, the lifetime value of a single client typically exceeds the costs of our content packages for a month. It’s a sensible investment for them.

In contrast, product-based companies or those in the hospitality sector would need to sell a considerable volume of products to justify their expenditure on content. While not impossible, it does require significant time to build up.

Don’t worry,  if you don’t fit within our target markets, book in a mining session regardless and we’ll help you get started.

Who do you work with?

Great question! Our target market comprises three distinct niches.

Firstly, we work with professional service firms. These could be accounting, law, engineering and anyone that falls under the professional, consulting or advisory umbrella.

Secondly, we work with B2B companies, which encompass businesses that exclusively sell to other businesses. This category may include SaaS or software companies, IT and infrastructure providers, construction services, or manufacturing firms.

Lastly, we partner with Complex Product businesses. These are typically companies in the aerospace sector, medical and healthcare or other complex businesses with a niche audience.

How do we get started?

Easy! Just book a free, no-obligation 30-minute mining session or, message us through our contact page.

Once you’re happy, we’ll send over a sign-up form. From here, we’ll onboard you as a client, set expectations, lock in dates, and get access to your brand collateral.

Then, we’ll get to work researching your industry and creating some content. It’s as easy as that!