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Video production for busy, ambitious and trailblazing businesses.

We know you're busy and we know that video is often the last thing on your mind. We're here to make video production efficient for busy people so that it becomes a no-brainer for you. Why? We think videos are the best way to get the awareness you deserve.

Monthly Video Package

How cool would it be if someone took care of scripting, creating and scheduling your videos? From script to screen, with no pressure on you. Our package is built for busy businesses who need quality videos, without the added stress.. The best part, we only need 90 minutes from you.

Bespoke Video Production

TL;DR: Watched a video instead. That’s the daily hustle for many including your audience. We’ve built our video production packages for those who crave quicker, fresher, and better videos – hands-off from you, and hands-on from us. We offer half and full day packs starting from $3,850 + GST

Our video production team are Christchurch based but we work NZ wide

Videos are an incredibly effective tool for ambitious, trailblazing businesses that are eager for growth. Our packages are designed to provide top quality, visually appealing videos that provide a ton of insights for your audience which leads to more recognition and more clients over the long term. Combining these can lead to sustained growth in your business.

The problem with videos is that, it can feel overwhelming, especially when you have to handle every single aspect of the process. Things like, coming up with topics, researching ideas, writing scripts, making the videos, doing the editing, and, of course, the most crucial part: getting the videos out.

We have a solution for that. With our packages, we’ve got you covered for the entire process, and it only requires 90 minutes of your time each month with our monthly video packages or even less with our bespoke video packages. This means you can say goodbye to the massive workload that can be videos and hello to just 90 minutes of your time each month.

Case Studies

How we’ve helped our clients create content led businesses.

News & Articles

Articles and news pieces about Dark Matter and Dark Spaces.

Podcast and Interviews

A collection of podcasts and articles we’ve been lucky enough to feature in.

Creating Content Led Businesses
Creating Content Led Businesses
Creating Content Led Businesses
Consistently and Predictably
Consistently and Predictably
Consistently and Predictably

More about our video production services

Why is Dark Matters approach different?

Great question! Over the years, we’ve seen how content can help grow businesses. In fact, we’ve achieved exactly that. Dark Matter has grown as a direct result of content, along with many of our clients.

This approach works because of the ‘larger market strategy.’ At any given time, only 3% of people are ready to buy. But what about the other 97%?

We believe that consistent visibility and engagement can position you as an expert. Therefore, when the remaining 97% need your service, they immediately think of you. Why? Because you’ve consistently been there, seen, and heard.

Do you create one-off videos?

Yes! We still create one-off videos. Whether it’s for testimonials and case studies, or for your social media channels and websites, we can definitely help with one-off videos for you and your business.

Yes! We still create one-off videos. Whether it’s for testimonials and case studies, or for your social media channels and websites, we can definitely help with one-off videos for you and your business.

Do you work outside of Christchurch?

Yes! We have teams based in New Zealand. Additionally, we have contractors based in most regions around the country. Please get in touch to see if we can help in your area!

Yes! We have teams based in Auckland and Queenstown, as well as in Melbourne. Additionally, we have contractors based in most regions around the country. Please get in touch to see if we can help in your area!

Are videos actually effective?

They certainly are. Anyone who says content doesn’t work has either created content that isn’t aligned with their audience/clients, taken a scattergun approach, or simply didn’t give it enough time.

In reality, if you don’t have a proper content strategy and execution framework in place, it was destined to fail anyway. However, with the right approach, content is the best lead generation and conversion tool at your disposal.

It doesn’t yield overnight success – good things take time. It takes time to scale and gain momentum, but once it does, content can be the fastest and most scalable way to grow your business.

How much does it cost?

Not as much as you might think. Because we’re insanely efficient in our internal processes and systems, we can pass on many of these savings to you.

For our content production packages (monthly subscriptions), these start at $2.5k per month for five videos! We don’t just create a generic ‘video.’ Instead, we conduct research to understand what people are searching for in your market, what their questions are, and curate content based on their specific interests and needs.

Our bespoke video production packages start from $3k + GST. These are great if you need content for your business every now and then, such as case studies, testimonials, product videos, and more.

We also offer content coaching packages, which consist of an intensive four-week coaching program that takes you from not having a strategy to one that is easily actionable, with everything you need to get started and thrive.

Lastly, we have our online sprints, which teach you everything you need to create your own content based on creating a solid foundation.

Please note that prices vary based on deliverables, but our services are much more affordable than you might think. Please get in touch if you want to discuss further about our christchurch video production.

Why do you focus on videos?

We focus on videos because it is the most consumed medium on the internet and is favored by almost all platforms that we use.

Aside from that, videos make you more memorable, they establish you as an expert, and they build your authority and awareness in the marketplace. All of that just can’t happen through static posts like texts, photos, and graphics.

That being said, we use videos as the main medium of choice. With our content packages, we often repurpose videos into other forms so that they appeal to all of your audiences and help with retention.

What makes a great content strategy?

Creating great content comes down to several things:

First up is your copywriting – everything from your hook, script, and the copy you use for your post. All of these play a massive role in your content’s success.

Secondly, your videos. Creating videos that are designed for your target market to consume – making it so that the hook, thumbnails, and the imagery align with their expectations.

Thirdly, your distribution strategy. Looking at your content strategy from a bird’s eye view – where does each piece fit into your funnel, what does your audience want to know, and what will get them to convert? Also, a big part of this is which platforms you use and what content looks like for each of these.

Seems a bit overwhelming? Don’t worry, we take care of all of these for you with our content packages.

Why is Dark Matter better than hiring in-house?

Firstly, there’s no right or wrong answer here. Sometimes it’s better to have an in-house team and sometimes it’s better to outsource. We believe outsourcing your content production needs is better because content production isn’t just one person.

  • Our Christchurch New Zealand video production team is made up of researchers who spend their days looking at trends and data to see what people are actually searching for or wanting to know.
  • We have copywriters who craft your script, copy and other materials.
  • We have a production team that creates the videos for you and edits them into deliverables that meet platform-specific requirements.
  • We have graphic designers who are experts at creating conversion thumbnails and carousels.
  • We have distributors who know when it’s best to get your content out and in front of the right people.

Some of our team is in-house and some we contract out, but we have a cohesive team and system in place to deliver good content that converts to you.

If you were to bring this in-house, you’re looking at least 5-6 extra people on your team, and that’s not including software, equipment, or licensing.

This isn’t feasible for most businesses. In this case, outsourcing your content production needs to Dark Matter makes perfect sense.

However, if you already have an in-house team or a business with 100+ FTEs, that’s when it makes sense to bring it in-house. Dark Matter can coach your teams on how to use our systems and processes to create good, conversion-ready content.

Why not Agencies or Production Companies?

Marketing, creative agencies, and video production companies are great at what they do. Where you go will largely depend on what you need.

Marketing agencies are great at media buying, setting up campaigns, and creating strategies. But they may not have in-house expertise to advise and execute on organic content growth. Every agency is different and has different resources. We work collaboratively with marketing agencies in New Zealand as an outsourced partner for content expertise. They’re good at paid ad campaigns; we’re good at content.

If you need a really polished video for a TV ad or a high-end campaign, that’s where video production companies come in. They have the expertise to craft a narrative, storyboard, create scripts, and produce the videos. Because most video production companies focus on creating one video at a time, their expertise doesn’t correlate with researching and creating organic, ongoing content for growth.

Dark Matter is solely focused on content strategy and production. We sit in between a marketing agency and a video production company. We don’t do paid ads or high-spec, TV-level video production. Instead, our expertise is researching content trends, keywords, and search data and creating videos that build your expertise and grow your business. Our strategies and tactics are tested and backed by data.

We cannot stand guesswork. So everything we do, we make sure that it has the highest chance of success when it comes to building your content-led company.

Does content work for all businesses?

Yes and no. Dark Matter focuses on three key target markets: Professional Services, B2B companies, and Advisory (Brokers, Agents, and Salespeople).

Why these sectors? When we look at building expertise and, as a result, building a content-led company, we need to be able to create content that addresses a problem that people have. We also need to look at the lifetime value of a client.

For most companies in these three markets, the lifetime value for one client will easily cover the costs of our content packages for that month. It makes a lot of sense for them.

If we look at product-based companies or hospitality, they would have to sell a large amount of product to justify their spend on content. It’s not impossible, but it does take a lot of time to build.

Don’t worry, even if you don’t fit our target markets, our content coaching and online sprints will help you get started with content easily.

Who do you work with?

Great question! Our target market is split into three niches.

We work with professional service firms such as accounting, law, and engineering. We also work closely with aerospace companies, as well as other companies under the professional services banner.

We work with B2B and complex product companies, which are any businesses that sell solely to other businesses. This could include SaaS or software companies, IT and infrastructure, construction services, or manufacturing.

Lastly, we work with brokers and advisers who are in the business of selling, giving advice, or dealing with technical subject matter. We can help build your expertise in your industry.

How do we get started?

Easy! Just book a free, no-obligation 15-minute call, or message us through our contact page.

Once you’re happy, we’ll send over a sign-up form. From here, we’ll onboard you as a client, set expectations, lock in dates, and get access to your brand collateral.

Then, we’ll get to work researching your industry and creating some content. It’s as easy as that!