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What is the Seven Day Challenge?

We’ve all been told at some point that we need to do videos for our business or even our personal brands, but we often don’t get told how to do it right? This leaves you feeling lost, trying new things and even wasting time and money only to find that it wasn’t the right way.

Well we have a solution for you. I’ve been there, I know how hard it is to get started and that why we’ve developed this FREE Seven Day Done By You Video Challenge. It walks you through the strategy, the planning and the execution. We use this with our clients and in our own videos too. 

The challenge includes a daily video delivered right to your inbox every day for seven days along with a workbook. We can guarantee that by the end of this challenge, you’ll come out with a plan, a purpose and most importantly a clear vision on how and what to create your videos on.

So, sign up and have a go at the Seven Day Done By You Video Challenge now. It’s free, it’s full of value and a lot of fun. Sign up using the form above.

What’s covered?

Themes and topics - how to plan long term content.

We all know Consistency is key for videos and to be consistent, you have to make it as easy as possible for yourself right? So this is why we set themes and topics. Themes give us a long term roadmap for topics that we’re going to be creating videos on. Find out more about themes and topics in the challenge.

The three point technique

The three point technique involves breaking down your topics into three key points, we do this because our brain has a thing called the working memory, this is essentially the amount if things we can think about at any given moment.

How to script your videos

In this challenge, we turn your three key points from the previous video into a script. This is where it all comes together. We use the classic problem, pain, solution and call to action model.

How to distribute your videos

In this lesson, we talk about creating your distribution strategy. It’s no good creating a video if no-one can see it right? Distribution is just as important as the video itself because it all depends on who and if people see it. Distributing to a wrong audience can also be disastrous because that will then not lead to sales. Here’s what you need to know about distribution.

Delivery tips by Michael Philpott

This challenge is all about, going all in on the delivery of your videos. We’ve got 10 things that we challenge you to start doing immediately to make your videos more captivating.

. Production using your smartphone

In this challenge, we jump into recording your videos using a smartphone. We’ll dive into five key topics, these are camera settings, exposure, lighting, composition and audio.

Editing using iMovie

Todays challenge is all about editing your videos. We’re going to be using iMovie in this tutorial and going through the process of setting up the application and using it to your advantage.