videos built to connect.

We help businesses, big and small, drive sales by using videos. Dark Matter is a business growth consultancy focused on crafting videos designed to influence sales and educate your prospects.

Although Dark Matter is based in Christchurch, we have representatives in Auckland and Wellington.

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We’re not a jack of all trades. We’re masters of one, that ‘one’ is videos designed to sell and educate

Dark Matter is built to help B2B, Professional Service, and Complex Product businesses use videos in a strategic and powerful way. The result is to drive sales, build user loyalty and gain a cutting edge advantage over your competitors.

We know videos are powerful but we’re not tapping into its full potential by creating video content designed for brand awareness. Our videos are sales focused and designed to give your viewers relevant and timely information that reduces decision making fatigue on their end.

we help businesses gain a competitive advantage driven by strategy led video.

Kaushik P. Kumar

Managing Partner

Shaleen Prasad-Kumar

Project Manager

Mekelle Mills

Post Production Specialist

Michael Philpott

Executive Speaker Coach | Michael Philpott

Kate Liggett

Strategist | Ridgeline Media

James Ambler

Digital Marketing Specialist | Ayu Digital

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