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How music makes me hyped for video.

Videos can be boring. Here’s how I’m fixing mine.

Imagine watching a video that is super interesting but delivered like this… montotone, lacking energy and well boring. Not fun right, not fun at all.

Here’s the thing. Faking energy, super obvious and, and if you constantly keep on faking it then we’ll where does the real you begin and the fake you end ?

Kidding aside, this was the problem I had. Naturally introverted meant that my energy when it came to doing this drained quickly. Like really quickly. Two takes in and I needed a half an hour nap just to cope. sometimes it took me weeks to finish recording one video.

Not ideal but I added one thing to my process that changed the game.

I began listening to music before I started recording. Hi energy, happy music that put a smile on my dial.

See the thing I was doing before was ducking my energy, I was coming in with low energy to avoid being the centre of attention and thus not really making a video that had any impact.

This made me indifferent to you. I was neither here nor there and that’s not ideal right? That like being beige in a world of colour.

So, if you’re lacking energy see if music can lift your mood.