NZTE Capability Vouchers


Are you looking to use videos in your business but need advice, strategy, training or development for yourself and your team? Dark Matter is an approved NZTE Regional Business Partners Network provider. Registered businesses can access the NZTE Capability Vouchers which provide up to 50% funding towards training costs, with a maximum amount a business can receive in one year is $5,000 excluding GST. The files below provide instructions and a proposal that you must submit to your growth advisor.

Keen to see what we offer? Below is a description of our RBPN funded services.


kaushik white board strategy for a marketing client

Enablement and strategy session.

This session is a one on one strategy session designed to go through a deep dive into your sales process and discover where videos may aid in pushing prospects through your funnel. Our process involves:

– Research into your sales process,
– Understanding where the bottleneck and drop-offs are in your process,
– Developing a set of Key Topics and messages to serve on the video,
– Strategise how to alleviate bottlenecks and drop-offs,
– Aiding in creating a script and prompts for the video,
– Brainstorming distribution for maximum impact,
– Setting up and monitoring key video metrics relevant to your organisation

This will be done over four sessions and the outcome is a detailed report that outlines details on your sales process, how videos can help, key metrics to track, content ideas, and implementation procedures in your business.

kaushik adjusting a camera during an corporate video shoot

Training on creating your own videos.

This session is a one on one training session designed to help you understand how to approach video production, how to curate content to produce, how to film, edit, and distribute your own videos. It also includes:

– How to craft scripts, and prompts (access to our templates),
– Set up a set and things to be aware of,
– A guided walk-through on using your phone to craft videos,
– A comprehensive tutorial on editing videos on your phone,
– Guidance on creating you own drag and drop template for videos.

This will be done over one, two-hour session and the outcome is an in-depth walkthrough of how to create your own videos, access to our scripting and other templates and a bespoke iMovie or other drag and drop template

lighting equipment for corporate and sales video sets

Dark Matter video services

One on one Training and Full demonstration of how to create a video for your business.

– How to explore ideas and concepts,
– How to determine the flow and story of the video – – How to start scripting and prompting,
– What creates a compelling message
– How to work on delivery
– How to get comfortable in front of the camera
– A full or half-day practicing in front of the camera.

What you will get from us:
Access to script templates that you can use to script your own videos.
Opening and closing dialogue for each of your videos.
Training on using technology available to you to create your videos.
Working on presentation and delivery.

michael philpott laughing with colleagues

Marketing and sales video advisory

This session is a one on one strategy session designed to go through a deep dive into your business, establish a need for videos within your marketing/sales process, discover questions, content or feedback your past clients and prospects have had, diving into your current collateral and exploiting synergies between them to create a strategy for videos in your marketing and/or sales process.

This will be a one-hour brainstorming session, we will be asking you a lot of questions with the intent to discover the gems that you have and the best way to portray that for videos.

The outcome is a report that outlines what you can do now with videos to grow your business. The report is designed to give you a birds-eye view at the opportunities videos may open, a list of questions or content ideas the business owner will be able to produce either themselves or with our help.

Questions about RBPN funding? Get in touch.

The funding process can be a confusing journey if its your first time. We’re here to help. Get in touch with us and we’ll help you through the process. Also consult our RBPN specific documents below for an outline of the general application process.