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What is it?

Here's a breakdown

Book a 30-minute mining session, and by the end of it, you will have a fully-formed roadmap, a clear understanding of your biggest opportunities with videos, and an execution plan to get started. All of this is offered for free, with absolutely no obligation. You are welcome to use this information with us or with another provider.

Step 1: Insight Mining

The journey into video content begins by understanding your topics. The best part? It’s straightforward to do. We’ll guide you on how to gather ideas directly from your audience, eliminating the guesswork.

Step 2: Audience Mining

With your topics defined, we’ll help you identify who your real audience is. We’ll discover who these individuals are and help you create an Ideal Audience Profile (IAP).

Step 3: Format Mining

Having established the first two steps, we’ll determine which types of content resonate with your IAP. Whether it’s videos, blogs, white papers, or anything in between, we’ll guide you towards choosing the most effective content format.

What you'll leave with

After this session, you’ll walk away with a comprehensive plan covering your ideas, audience, and content formats. This entire process is offered at no charge, with no obligations. It’s simply designed to help you kickstart and thrive. Book your session now and let’s get going.

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