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Content to build your authority

The easiest way to build authority is to be consistently seen, heard, and recognised. Consistently putting out videos can build you as an authority, establish strong brand awareness, and create trust and credibility with your audience and prospects.

Content Production Package

Our video production package consists of five professionally recorded and produced videos each month. This includes one hour of recording time at your office or a location of your choice, resulting in five high-quality videos per month that you can use as needed.

Here’s how it works: you can either use our templates to create the scripts, or you can speak off the cuff (though we recommend using a script for the best results). Once you’ve created the scripts, send them to us for review and schedule a time for recording. We’ll then create all the content you need.

With only two to three hours a month required from you (depending on how quickly you can write scripts), it’s an easy way to build your authority, brand awareness, and trust with your audience and prospects. We even have an in-house copywriter who can create scripts for you if needed.

Monthly Investment: $2k Р$5k
Minimum Commitment: Quarterly


  • 5x Landscape videos
  • 5x Thumbnails images
  • 5x Caption/subtitle¬† files
  • 5x Portrait videos
  • Optional: 5x Audio Podcasts
  • Add on: Copywriter $600 + GST
  • Add on: Scheduling and distribution: $400 + GST

Content Marketing Package

Our content marketing package is designed for companies that want to take their content to the next level.

Our copywriter will work with you for an hour each month to create five video scripts. We will then spend an hour recording with you on-site to create landscape and portrait videos from those scripts.

We will use the script to create carousels/PDF documents, articles, and blog posts.

If you still need more content, we can create static graphics and podcasts from the written and recorded content.

All of this with a total time input being between two to three hours each month, giving you enough content for almost every day of the week.

Monthly Investment: $5k Р$10k
Minimum Commitment: Quarterly


  • 5x Landscape videos
  • 5x Portrait videos
  • 5x Carousels/PDF Documents
  • 5x Static Graphic posts with text
  • Optional: 5x Audio Podcasts
  • Add on: Scheduling and distribution: $400 + GST

Why do I need this?

  • Increase your personal and business awareness.
  • Position yourself as the expert in your industry.
  • Consistent content across multiple platforms.
  • Minimal time commitment from you.
  • Always have content on hand.
  • Get access to our resources.

What makes it work?

We don’t just come up with content ideas on a whim. Instead, we conduct thorough research into your industry and identify the most relevant content search terms ‚Äď in other words, what people are searching for on Google and other platforms.

Based on this data, we offer you a list of content ideas to choose from. Once we receive your feedback, we begin writing your scripts, articles, and blog posts.

To maximise the impact of your content, we use the magic of repurposing, which allows us to create 4-5 pieces from your one piece of content. This creates a consistent, predictable content machine that works for you, backed by research and data-driven insights.

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