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Ten videos scripted, recorded and scheduled. In under 90 mins.

Say goodbye to the pressure of creating videos, and hello to stress free, hands-off video production. We write your scripts, create your videos and even get them scheduled. In 90 minutes or less of your time.

    $1,850/ + GST per month

    If you just need someone to come in each month and create a bunch of videos, We have you covered. Five videos each month crafted just for you and around your needs.

    • Two hours of production time
    • Up to five videos each month
    • Edited to your brand guidelines
    • Must be shot in one session
    • Flexible around your needs
    $3,850/ + GST per month

    90 minutes of your time a month for building your exposure and your business consistently. This is built for simplicity and action so we do the hard work, you do the front work.

    • Five scripts written for you
    • Ten videos created for you
    • Edited to your brand guidelines
    • Social copy and scheduled for you
    • 90 minutes from you each month

    Step 1: Scripting

    • 15 minute catch up with you to brainstorm video ideas and insights
    • We then go away and write five scripts for you based on our chat
    • We then send the scripts to you for your review and feedback
    • This portion requires 30 minutes of your time, running total: 30 minutes

    Step 2: Recording

    • Your scripts are loaded into a teleprompter so no memorising needed
    • We send you a shoot plan so you’re always clear about what’s happening
    • We record five videos in one batch, that’s a video a week for a month
    • This portion requires 45 minutes of your time, running total: 75 minutes

    Step 3: Editing

    • We edit your videos and make sure everything aligns with your brand
    • We create subtitles and thumbnails so you have everything you need.
    • We cut your five videos into a portrait format for use on different platforms
    • This portion requires 15 minutes of your time, running total: 90 minutes

    Step 4: Posting

    • We receive and action any of your feedback points and finalise
    • Our copywriter will write all your post copy in your tone of voice
    • We then schedule your videos across all of your social channels
    • This portion requires 0 minutes of your time, running total: 90 minutes

    What you get

    • Five scripts written for you
    • Five landscape videos for your channels
    • Five portrait videos for stories and reels
    • Thumbnails for all landscape videos
    • Subtitles for all your videos
    • Copywriting for all your social channels
    • Schedule all your videos

    How are my scripts crafted?

    Excellent question! Our process begins with a specialised scriptwriter who will schedule a brief 15-minute discussion with you.
    This allows us to gain insights into the topics you want to cover and understand your unique perspective.
    Prior to our meeting, we conduct thorough keyword research to identify what your potential clients are actively searching for on platforms like Google. This data serves as a foundation for the script, helping to alleviate the common challenge of starting with a blank page.

    Will I have to be in the video?

    We understand that camera shyness is common. With our package, you have flexibility in choosing who appears on the video. You can opt to be on camera yourself, delegate the role to members of your team, or even bring in someone else to be the face of the video.
    In any case, we highly recommend that either you (the business owner, executive, or director) or a designated team member take on the video roles. This approach fosters familiarity and trust with your audience, providing a recognisable face to associate with your company.

    How much time does this process take?

    We understand that your time is valuable. Our package is designed with busy individuals in mind, meaning if you don’t wish to be actively involved in the process, we won’t burden you with unnecessary details. However, rest assured, you maintain the final decision-making authority on scripting, video content, and the review process before anything goes live.
    Here’s a breakdown of the estimated time commitment:
    • Scripting: Approximately 30 minutes of your time
    • Production: Roughly 45 minutes of your time
    • Review: Around 15 minutes of your time
    Please be aware that these timeframes are indicative and may vary based on your specific circumstances. Importantly, any variations in time do not affect the overall price of our service.

    Will I need to memorise the scripts?

    Absolutely not! We understand that your schedule is packed, and we’re here to ensure the process is as stress-free as possible for you.
    We provide a teleprompter that will be pre-loaded with your scripts, and we’ll even offer coaching on being on camera. Your comfort and ease throughout the process are our priorities.

    Where can we record our videos?

    You have several options! We can capture your videos at our studio, at your location, or even find a middle ground that suits everyone. If your offices are spread across the country, you can leverage your monthly production slots to create videos at different offices without incurring additional production costs (excluding travel expenses). Flexibility is key to ensuring the process aligns seamlessly with your needs.

    Are there any additional costs?

    Not at all! Our package is all-inclusive, covering everything from script creation to the final video. The monthly package cost includes every aspect of the production process.
    The only potential additional cost is related to travel, and rest assured, we will discuss this with you beforehand if it becomes necessary for your project. Transparency is our priority.

    “Working with Dark Matter was the best professional decision I took in 2021. Working with Kaushik and the whole team was actually quite easy...”

    Nathan MiglaniManaging Director - NZ Mortgages

    “Our experience working with Dark Matter has been excellent. They've really got up to speed quickly, in terms of what our needs are but more importantly, what our clients needs are.”

    Nick CarterPartner - Brannigans