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Content Marketing Course

Content Strategy Sprint


For people looking to unlock consistent and predictable business growth through content, this sprint is all about creating a strategy that you can use to produce content that your target audience will stop and pay attention to.

By the end of this sprint, you can expect to have a fully defined content strategy that focuses on identifying your target audience, niche, category, and facilitates growth. This could completely transform the way you operate your business and help you to grow.

This sprint costs $497 as part of our Build Your Content Empire bundle.

We teach you how to strategise and plan for content that people actually want to consume.

Is the Content Strategy Sprint right for you?

  • First time creating content and not really sure where to start?
  • Are you struggling to create content that truly shows your expertise?
  • Is your current content strategy just chucking content out there to see what works?
  • Have you had limited success and struggle to stay consistent?
  • Struggling to find actionable and useful information to start?
  • Need a solid and repeatable strategy that grows with you?

If you can relate to any of these, it’s for you. This sprint is step one and it’s all about setting your foundations that will build your content success.


Strategy + Value + Clarity = Growth

The key to creating content that works

The content sphere has rapidly evolved over the years, with an exponential increase in creators and platforms becoming saturated with content that simply isn’t that great.

It seems like content has entered a commoditized era, where it’s all about “me” and “buy my stuff,” which doesn’t help anyone. That’s why your content needs to be different and stand out, and we’ll show you how.

The companies that thrive on content understand three key fundamentals: audience, niche and category, and scaling content.

We will teach you the fundamentals of all three of these categories with an actionable workbook that builds your content strategy as you go. This Sprint will help you become a business that truly grows through content.

Develop a powerful content strategy

A content strategy is not something you create once and never look at again. We’ll help you craft a strategy that actually becomes the basis of all your content decisions, from audience targeting to scaling. We’ve got a plan for you.

Building a solid foundation

If you don’t have a foundation built on reliable data and research, your strategy is very unstable. This is because you need to know your audience, niche, and growth factors intimately, and they should be the basis of all your content decisions.

Without a proper strategy, you’re all over the place, talking to everyone but not making a real impact with anyone.

A strategy that grows with you

A good strategy is one that evolves with your needs and wins. Our strategy is designed to be easy to execute, and it’s intended to be a live document that you can modify and update as you develop.

Planning for exponential scale

Creators who learn the fastest tend to grow the fastest. You’ll learn how to create valuable, actionable content designed to fuel your growth and scale accordingly. If it doesn’t work, we’ll look at recalibrating and relaunching.


Your strategy for content that people actually find useful and want to consume.

Sprint Curriculum

The content sphere has rapidly evolved over the years, with an exponential increase in creators and platforms leading to a saturation of content that simply isn’t great.

It feels as though content has entered a commoditized era, with a focus on self-promotion and pushing products that doesn’t actually benefit anyone. This is precisely why your content must be different and stand out, and we can show you how to achieve that.

The companies that are thriving on content have a deep understanding of three key fundamentals: their audience, their niche and category, and how to scale their content.

We will teach you the fundamentals in all three of these categories through an actionable workbook that guides you in building your content strategy. This sprint will help you become a business that truly grows through content.

Module 1: What is a content strategy

In Module 1, we will examine common misconceptions and mistakes when it comes to content strategy.

You will learn why a bulletproof strategy coupled with great content is the edge your business needs to outperform competitors and support long-term growth and profitability.

Module 2: Finding your audience

In module two, we’ll look at carrying out research to unlock insights and hidden gems that will define the nature of your content.

By the time you finish this module, you’ll have a good understanding of your target audience, your creator profile, what makes you unique, your niche and category, and your content/audience fit.

Module 3: Finding your niche

In module three, we’ll look at crafting a system around your content creation process. This will be your playbook every time you create new batches of content. It’s a live document that will be continuously refined with your wins and learnings.

We’ll also identify your niche and category, as well as how this fits in with the target audience we identified earlier.

Module 4: Identifying your content categories

In Module 4, we’ll help you find your content categories. These are the main topics or themes in your niche that you can focus on in your content. You should have around three to five content categories that you’re passionate about or knowledgeable in.

We’ll also help you identify which platforms are best suited for each of your content categories. By the end of this module, you’ll have a clear idea of the types of content you’ll be creating and where to distribute them for maximum impact.

Module 5: Formulating for growth

We’ll create an audience journey map. Once you know how your audience uses platforms, you’ll know exactly what to create and when. We’ll also look at platform requirements and restrictions.

Module 6: Scaling your growth

Once you have all of the ingredients to facilitate your content success, we’ll then look at putting everything together to scale your content growth.

Pick your best option.

Your Content Blueprint Sprint


  • See what our sprints are like
  • Lifetime free access
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Content Strategy Sprint

$299/ lifetime
  • Access to this sprint for life
  • Lifetime access to updates
  • Access to the Sprint Community

Building Your Content Empire Bundle

$497/ year
  • Access to ALL sprints
  • New sprints added quarterly
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Do more in less time and learn far more.

Quick and actionable

We didn’t want our sprints to take forever to complete. We want them to be quick, actionable and designed to be completed in hours, not days.

Based on experience

No fluff, no guessing, and no “know-it-alls”! Taught by people who have been there and done it, not just once but over and over again.


We want our sprints to be a no-brainer for anyone starting out. That’s why we’ve made it all-access at an affordable price of $497 per year.

Ready? Let’s curate your growth through content.