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Content Marketing Course Creative Content Sprint


This sprint is all about the nitty-gritty of content creation. You’ll learn how to generate content ideas, conduct keyword and trend research, and create and distribute your content while tracking key metrics to ensure success.

For those looking to unlock consistent and predictable growth in their business through content, this sprint will teach you how to create content that makes your target audience stop and pay attention.

The cost is $497 NZD as part of our Building Your Content Empire bundle.

We teach you how to create content that people actually want to consume.

Is the Creative Content Sprint right for you?

  • Not sure how to start creating content?
  • Not sure how to do research or generate content ideas?
  • Not sure what the requirements are for platforms?
  • Not sure how to script or create a talking framework?
  • Not sure how to distribute or schedule your content?
  • Not sure how to repurpose content across other channels?

If you can relate to any of these, this course is for you. It is the second step in our bundle and it teaches you how to create and distribute your content.

The key to creating content that works

Without good content, you won’t be able to establish trust and an emotional connection with your target audience. If your audience doesn’t know you, they won’t be able to connect with you and, most importantly, they won’t engage your services.

Creating content also gives you a significant competitive advantage and amplifies your brand. This has a massive effect on your awareness, and you’ll have an easier time acquiring and retaining clients.

In this sprint, we’ll focus on five key areas of creating and distributing your content: generating ideas and conducting research, scripting and delivery, producing and creating your content, distributing and scheduling your content across various platforms, and building your testing and refinement engine.

Develop a powerful content strategy

We’ll guide you through all the steps to create content that fosters long-term business and personal growth. By going through this course, you’ll be able to take all of that knowledge, expertise, and experience and convert it into content that your audience will love, think about, talk about, and do business with.

Cut & paste system for creating content

We will teach you the basics of creating successful content that generates leads and builds your profile. Creating content can often seem overwhelming, but we have simplified this process to make it as actionable as possible.

Know who you're creating for and what they want

Creating content for everyone is like creating content for no one. Therefore, in this course, you’ll complete an audience persona project that helps you define your ideal target audience. This will set your content apart and give you a competitive edge. The end result will be a steady stream of warm leads and people who love your content.

Create content across multiple platforms

Learn how to deliver your content in a way that engages your audience and creates content that they actually want to watch and consume. Backed up by content and keyword research, we’ll show you how to complete it.

How to creating engaging content yourself

By completing this sprint, you will learn how to define your brand persona and create content that resonates with your target audience, ensuring that you and your brand will be remembered.

Stop wondering and start creating content that people actually find useful and want to watch.

Sprint Curriculum

The content sphere has rapidly evolved over the years, with an exponential increase in creators and platforms becoming saturated with subpar content. It seems that content has entered a commoditized era, where it’s all about ‘me’ and ‘buy my stuff,’ which doesn’t benefit anyone. That’s why your content needs to be different; it needs to stand out, and we’re here to show you how.

The companies that thrive on content understand three key fundamentals: audience, niche, and distribution. We teach you the fundamentals of all three categories with an actionable workbook that builds your content strategy as you progress. This sprint will help you become a business that genuinely grows through content.

Module 1: Idea generation and research

In this module, you will learn the basics of content creation, including the specifics of each platform and the types of content that belong at different stages of your sales journey. We will also address common misconceptions and explore reasons why people sometimes stop creating content.

As part of your project for this module, you will evaluate where you fit within the content marketplace. This will involve identifying your relationship with other creators and gaining a deeper understanding of your motivations for creating content.

Module 2: Writing and planning

Module two focuses on understanding your ideal customers and creating audience personas. The module highlights common mistakes made by creators when building audience personas and provides strategies to avoid them.

Your project for this module will involve identifying your key audience personas that you’re creating content for and assessing your fit as a creator for that audience.

Module 3: Production and creation

Differentiate your content in the minds of your audience. In module three, you’ll learn how to conduct creator research on other content creators, a content SWOT analysis comparing your strengths and weaknesses to theirs and where the opportunities lie, and we’ll look at identifying alternatives your audience might consider in your niche.

Your project for this module is to create a position of difference from other creators that will entice your audience to consume your content and show your insights in the best possible frame of reference. We’ll also identify points of differentiation that will set you apart from other creators in your niche.

Module 4: Repurposing and distribution

In module four, we will explore everything about content creation. We will create your content funnel and content stack, which includes short, medium, and long-form content you need to create and when. We will also cover how and where to generate content ideas, how to create your content, and touch on repurposing and batch producing.

This module will involve many projects where we will put what we have learned in the previous modules into action.

Do more. In less time. Learn far more.

Quick and actionable

We didn’t want our sprints to take forever to complete. We want them to be quick, actionable and designed to be completed in hours, not days.

Based on experience

No fluff, no guessing, and no “know-it-alls”! Taught by people who have been there and done it, not just once but over and over again.


We want our sprints to be a no-brainer for anyone starting out. That’s why we’ve made it all-access at an affordable price of $497 per year.

Pick your best option.

Your Content Blueprint Sprint


  • See what our sprints are like
  • Lifetime free access
  • Access to our community

Creative Content Strategy

$299/ lifetime
  • Access to this sprint for life
  • Lifetime access to updates
  • Access to the Sprint Community

Building Your Content Empire Bundle

$497/ year
  • Access to ALL sprints
  • New sprints added quarterly
  • Access to all community channels

Ready? Let’s curate your growth through content.