Data Driven Video Production

What is Data Driven Video Production?

Data driven production basically means, asking your customers and clients what they interact with, what motivates them and what type of content they most consume.

We then take this data, find the tip of the bell curve (things they all have in common) and then create videos based around what actually interests them, instead of assuming.

Why do we need it?

Data-driven video production refers to content built on insights determined by analysing data usually collected through client interactions and engagements. The idea is, that can categorise your best clients, find out the commonalities that makes them all engage with you and creating strategies around these common threads. This involves understanding the data you already have, the data we can collect and analysing these for performance.

Why do we need data driven video production? To enhance and personalise your customer experience.

Our Process

The first step to gathering actionable data is to find out what the problem is. We’ll meet with your team and go through a problem statement and solution hypothesis brainstorm.

Now that we know what the problems are and what the ideal solutions look like. It’s time to map assumptions so we can test later on.

During the assumption mapping stage, we’ll personify your current clients based on data you already have (buying patterns, frequency, roles etc). We’ll assume your ideal clients, and come up with a card sort exercise that we can use with our interviewees.

This is where we start to collect data. We’ll arrange interviews with your best clients and customers and others whom we think would fit into your customer personas.

Depending on the size of your audience, we’ll either facilitate live individual interviews, group interviews or emails and phone calls. Where possible, we’ll always try to meet and talk to your clients in person.

Now that we have the data, we’ll go back and analyse it. We find the commonalities, the differences and trends.

This the the step where we test our data. We’ll take our results and create two versions of the video we think will resonate best with your clients.

We’ll then A/B test the videos on your platforms and and the ones that resonate the most based on vanity metrics (likes, shares and comments) and sales metrics (leads, conversions and engagements).

Packages start from $2,500 per month*

*Due to the nature of data collection and analytics, to get actionable and reliable data, a minimum sign up of six months required.

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