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Take advantage of our latest video resources.

Dark Matter has a data-driven approach to video production. Our free downloadable pdf resources take you through our process to ensure that you can benefit from your videos.
Taking into account elements such as analytics, how to develop your brand story, effective call to actions and capturing basic metrics, our pdfs can become an essential part of your next video campaign. Each document goes into detail on our process and what is required from you to ensure that we deliver optimum results.

The Return on Investment of Video

A guide to getting your videos ROI positive

This resource covers the different ROI models, how to start capturing and measuring metrics and the basics of each metric and why it’s important for your business. 

A Guide to your Brand Story

A simple guide to write scripts or case studies.

Learn the importance of your brand story. This resource teaches you how to develop your characters effectively and give them a plan to deliver your brand messaging.  

Five things for successful videos

A checklist on what you need for great videos