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No, the title isn’t clickbait. We worked with a client for three months, resulting in them generating nearly $10,000 in just 14 days. And the best part is, you can achieve the same results, and I’ll explain exactly how we did it.


This particular client is a coach who works remotely 99% of the time, focusing on individuals in various industries, with a primary emphasis on business owners and executives. His service offering is niche, super-focused, and often blurs the lines between business and personal coaching.


This client sought more time freedom while impacting every person who joined him. An online course wasn’t suitable, so after months of brainstorming, we pinpointed key factors:

  • He loved the one-to-one element but was time-poor.
  • He cherished interaction and the live nature of his work.
  • Clients should derive value even in a one-to-many environment.

We opted for a hybrid community model, combining in-depth courses with a live weekly session.

Long story short, we created an interactive community allowing people to connect, engage with live sessions, and access pre-recorded courses and templates.


Once we defined our goal, we entered creation mode:

  1. Figure out ‘non-negotiables’ and ‘nice-to-haves’: Defined a comprehensive list.
  2. Solid plan of attack: Set goals, timeframes, and milestones.
  3. Execution: Put dates in the calendar and built, involving an intense but rewarding time.
  4. Refine and soft launch: Initial sales came from this, leading to successful pre-sales.
  5. Hard launch: Opened everything in the platform, resulting in 36 people on launch day.

Sales Cycle Timeframe:

  • October 12th – Pre-orders start
  • October 12th – First sale
  • October 25th – Pre-sell ends, community is live
  • October 25th – $9,980.00 in pre-sales with $831.67 in MRR (monthly recurring revenue)


Goals achieved – 20 paid customers by October 25th, and 36 people in the community on launch day. All using his existing database and a waitlist.

Key Success Factors:

  1. Leveraging Superpower: The client’s live sessions brought energy, value, and collaboration.
  2. Clarity of Goal: Impacting as many people as possible influenced pricing and program delivery, attracting the right audience.
  3. Strategic Timing: Two-year refinement process before committing to the community concept.

So, there you have it. A well-executed digital product can have a massive impact on your business.

Meet Sridhar and explore the Community here.

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