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I find creating videos really hard

I have this problem, and you might relate to this too, I find making my own videos super, super difficult.

Don’t get me wrong though, I love making videos, it’s actually a ton of fun when it isn’t tedious and when I’m creating for friends and clients, it’s not tedious at all, it’s actually super fun.

But as soon as I sit down to write my scripts, oh man, it feels like my brain has left my head and gone for a wander.

I’m sitting there starting at the computer for hours trying to write something, anything but nothing happens.

But I think I’ve realised what may have been the cause. I’m still trying to get to the crux of it but I think I was making this whole thing super difficult for myself.

Let me explain,

First of all, I did not have a plan. Bad start already.

I was trying to figure out what the video will be in the moment. Not great.

And lastly, I wanted it to be done before I even started so I could get back to doing other things.

So, I made a few changes. First one was, Instead of planning for a year, I plan a week out because it’s far, far more manageable for this thing between my years.

I script everything, usually three quarters of an A4 page so I don’t end up wasting time and getting demotivated.

Lastly, it’s the first thing on my list. Monday morning at 7:30 am is recording time. This way it’s done and dusted for the week.

Alright, let’s get this video out there.