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There’s a few people that I look up to in the creative world and one of them is a guy by the name of Oak Felder. 

Now, Oak once said in a video that “Technology is the greatest equaliser, now it’s all about skill” and I couldn’t agree more.

At this point in time, we all have access to the same technology right, the same camera, computers, phones, information, could be anything. So what makes what you create different to mine? 

I think. It all comes down to skill, character and how we use tools to our advantage. But then again, that begs the question, What is skill really and how do we decide as humans who we work or do business with?

And i’d love to get your thoughts on this, because this is purely what my brain came up with after watching Oaks video, no research here but in my opinion,

Skill, is actually just practising what you preach. What I mean is, would you trust an accountant that does not do their own tax returns? You wouldn’t right. 

And the same with character, Would you want to work with someone that is inherently pessimistic if you’re an optimist and vice versa? No, you’d naturally attract your own tribe. People that you get along and work well with. How awful would it be to work with someone that you just don’t get along with, it will be miserable. 

And so tying this back to videos, when we put out content, there’s a huge expectation on how it will perform, and what it could do for us, but naturally, we forget that our audience has to build that trust with us, they have to know that we know what were doing. And that happens with time and through consistency.

We all have the same technology, but what makes each of us different is the skills that we bring to the table and the character that we attract