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Content Marketing Course

Magnetic Attention Sprint

In the current content era, people prefer to buy from people rather than businesses. Unfortunately, many businesses have become impersonal and difficult to engage with. Our goal is to change that and help you build a business that is personable, approachable, and an authority in your niche.

Through this sprint, you will learn how to transform from receiving little to no engagement to creating content that positions you as an expert and builds a loyal audience of future fans and buyers. We won’t rely on templates or hacks, but instead focus on evergreen principles that you can implement right away.

$497 as part of our Building Your Content Empire bundle.

We teach you how to create content that brings in a pool of future buyers

Is the Magnetic Attention Sprint right for you?

  • You’re creating content but people aren’t engaging or buying?
  • You’ve spent hours crafting content, only to get zero to two likes?
  • Not sure why your audience don’t engage?
  • Do you just want to be genuine and approachable with your content?
  • Do you have a good following but can’t get sales?
  • Are you just suffering from a bit of imposter syndrome?

If you can relate to any of these, this sprint is for you. It’s all about leveraging and getting more value from your content by using tried and true, evergreen methods.


The Magnetic Attention Sprint

Have you spent countless hours creating content only to receive minimal engagement in return? It can be extremely frustrating and discouraging. Or, have you attempted to mimic the style, content ideas, and techniques of other creators only to find yourself burning out quickly? Relying on the success of others’ content is not a sustainable strategy.

There are numerous factors that contribute to content success, including a strong foundation (sprint 1), creative and innovative ideas (sprint 2), and an understanding of the psychology behind why people engage with your content, as well as staying accountable during both good and tough times (this sprint).

We will not only explain why our methods work, but we will also provide practical guidance on how to implement these methods into your content systems and processes.

This sprint is about progress not perfection

It's all about methods that will always work

A good understanding of why people engage

The power of consistency and predictability

The hidden power of using engagement as a tool

Strategy + Creative + Engagement = Content success

Module 1: Getting Started

Module 2: Gathering your tools

Module 3: Building your hooks

Module 4: Getting attention

Module 5: Your content generation system

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Ready? Let’s curate your growth through content.