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Content Marketing Course

Magnetic Attention Sprint

In the current content era, people prefer to buy from people rather than businesses. Unfortunately, many businesses have become impersonal and difficult to engage with. Our goal is to change that and help you build a business that is personable, approachable, and an authority in your niche.

Through this sprint, you will learn how to transform from receiving little to no engagement to creating content that positions you as an expert and builds a loyal audience of future fans and buyers. We won’t rely on templates or hacks, but instead focus on evergreen principles that you can implement right away.

$497 as part of our Building Your Content Empire bundle.

We teach you how to create content that brings in a pool of future buyers

Is the Magnetic Attention Sprint right for you?

  • You’re creating content but people aren’t engaging or buying?
  • You’ve spent hours crafting content, only to get zero to two likes?
  • Not sure why your audience don’t engage?
  • Do you just want to be genuine and approachable with your content?
  • Do you have a good following but can’t get sales?
  • Are you just suffering from a bit of imposter syndrome?

If you can relate to any of these, this sprint is for you. It’s all about leveraging and getting more value from your content by using tried and true, evergreen methods.


The Magnetic Attention Sprint

The key to building an engaged audience.

Have you spent countless hours creating content only to receive minimal engagement in return? It can be extremely frustrating and discouraging. Or, have you attempted to mimic the style, content ideas, and techniques of other creators only to find yourself burning out quickly? Relying on the success of others’ content is not a sustainable strategy.

There are numerous factors that contribute to content success, including a strong foundation (sprint 1), creative and innovative ideas (sprint 2), and an understanding of the psychology behind why people engage with your content, as well as staying accountable during both good and tough times (this sprint).

We will not only explain why our methods work, but we will also provide practical guidance on how to implement these methods into your content systems and processes.

This sprint is about progress not perfection

It’s easy to feel discouraged and give up when things don’t seem to be going your way. Spending hours creating content, only to receive little engagement, can be a frustrating outcome. However, believe it or not, this is actually part of the process.

Building traction with content takes time, effort, and energy. In this sprint, we’ll work through everything we’ve tested and developed that actually works to get you long-term gains.

It's all about methods that will always work

Hack, growth strategies, and templates may seem like quick fixes, but they are often short-lived and can even be detrimental in the long run. While jumping on trends can bring short-term engagement and views, it doesn’t necessarily translate to sales or loyal fans.

Instead, in this sprint, we will focus on using proven techniques and incorporating them into your content to create valuable, actionable pieces that your audience will genuinely appreciate.

A good understanding of why people engage

You audience will engage, follow, and buy from you only if you positively impact their lives. Constantly pushing your product to them won’t make them buy from you, in fact, it might make them suspicious of you.

In this sprint, we’ll focus on understanding the motivations of your audience and why they engage with you in the first place. By understanding their needs and wants, you can create valuable content that genuinely helps them, making them more likely to become loyal fans and customers.

The power of consistency and predictability

The key to growth is consistency and predictability. If you can consistently show up, you’ve already won half the battle. In this sprint, we’ll emphasize the importance of consistency even through challenging times.

We’ll guide you through making your content creation process more consistent, and we’ll explain why it’s crucial to adopt a servant creator mindset, one that prioritizes creating value for your audience rather than just focusing on selling.

The hidden power of using engagement as a tool

This is a good one. It’s a secret that we’ve used ourselves and with our clients to grow their audience. Do the sprint, and we’ll show you the power of community and engagement, enabling you to access new fans and future buyers.

Strategy + Creative + Engagement = Content success

Sprint Curriculum

Module 1: Getting Started

In Module 1, we will examine why people often struggle to maintain consistency with their content creation and how you can avoid this by implementing effective strategies. We will also delve into the critical role you play in your content’s success, as you are often the biggest obstacle to achieving your goals. We will explore ways to create systems and processes that support you in pushing past challenging days and staying on track.

Module 2: Gathering your tools

In module two, we’ll focus on building your unique identity, figuring out what you represent to your audience and buyers. We’ll help you craft a statement that your audience will remember, and revisit the audience persona work we’ve done previously to go into more detail.

Module 3: Building your hooks

Creating great hooks is essential to grab your audience’s attention and keep them engaged. In module three, we’ll go through the process of crafting compelling hooks that are unique to your brand and resonate with your target audience.

We’ll discuss different types of hooks, including emotional, curiosity, and value-based hooks, and provide examples of how you can use them in your content. We’ll also cover how to test and optimise your hooks for maximum impact. By the end of this module, you’ll have a system in place for consistently generating great hooks that attract and retain your audience’s attention.

Module 4: Getting attention

In Module 4, we’ll look at the six reasons why people engage and how you can leverage these tools to get your audience’s attention. These are tried and true tools that work everywhere and all the time.

Module 5: Your content generation system

In Module 5, you’ll learn how to systemize the four modules above and create a system that produces content that people will want to consume and look forward to.

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Magnetic Attention Sprint

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Building Your Content Empire Bundle

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Do more in less time and learn far more.

Quick and actionable

We didn’t want our sprints to take forever to complete. We want them to be quick, actionable and designed to be completed in hours, not days.

Based on experience

No fluff, no guessing, and no “know-it-alls”! Taught by people who have been there and done it, not just once but over and over again.


We want our sprints to be a no-brainer for anyone starting out. That’s why we’ve made it all-access at an affordable price of $497 per year.

Ready? Let’s curate your growth through content.