Online courses for the digital era

If you’re taking your training/development business online or need to create a series go tutorials or how-to videos about your product. We can help with that. We’ve helped Educational Institutions and business create dynamic course for online consumpton.

“Having made our first four programs it is apparent that each one from here gets easier and easier.  I am excited by the prospect of having more training online soon”

The Problem

If you have been teaching, coaching and mentoring people, then its time to take your training online. We live in the era of digital consumption and continuous learning.

Students now have access to more resources to up skill than ever before. This is your chance to get your intellectual property out there and in the hands of those craving to learn and grow in their professional and personal lives.

How It Works

Let’s start a conversation about your vision, we then come up with a plan to ensure all parties are on the same page. We then give you resources to script and put you in touch with our amazing scriptwriter and learning management designers.

Once you have the pre-work done, we then get you in the studio to record and get your precious knowledge out there.