About us.

We create efficient, results driven and beautiful videos that is driven by ROI, built around your business, and your bottom line. Our turnkey video production service include everything you need to get started, inclusding the research, production and distribution.

Often business owners are put off by the inefficiencies and uncertain billing arrangements of the video production industry, we founded Dark Matter to do things differently.

Right now,, we have the best talent on hand from all over the globe and they’re contracted on a project-by-project basis. This means efficient production for you without the inefficient time and cost variables that hold businesses back from using video.

In short:  we help B2B  and Professional Service businesses generate prospects and qualify Leads using data and metrics driven video.

How we bring you the best on a budget.

We made a decision early on to keep Dark Matter as lean and nimble as [ossible. This means, we don’t have a big office or a fancy studio. We work out of a shared space in the heart of Christchurch City with access to some of the best studios New Zealand has to offer. 

When you work with Dark Matter, you work with some of the best video production talent. To keep things simple and moving. you only have one contact point and that is the founders. Right from the beginning through the your next project.

We know that video production has many uncertainties, when you work with Dark Matter, we always give you the a fixed ceiling cost and a fixed deadline. This means you know exactly what the maximum cost will be and when you can start rolling out your videos.

 One of the things that we really wanted to reduce was the need for unwanted meetings and pointless coffees. When you work with us, you can expect short, sharp, to the point meetings in-person, at our office, over zoom or on on the phone. 

Because all our project have a fixed cost this means we’re always o the go. There is no reason for us to delay your project or drag our feet. The quicker we can wrap up, the quicker you can get it out there. Its a win-win solution.

This is a big one. No-one at Dark Matter receives a fixed salary including the founders. This keeps us agile, it allows us to work efficiently and it keeps us driven to keep bringing the best in video content to you, everytime. 

This is an easy one. We genuinely love what we do and we’re thrilled that everyday, we get to work on projects that makes us happy and excited. We’re continually developing our skills and always practsing our craft.

Dark Matter was created for the ones who see things differently, The ones who believe status quos are made to be broken, the ones who create their own rules and the ones who believe, the only way to change things is to act. We create videos for the sole purpose of generating you leads and increasing your revenue.

But all this means nothing without a soaring objective: Ours? To create content for companies that want to set trends, not follow. To create videos for businesses who want to create change and inspire a new breed of people who see things in a different light. To inspire entire audiences to take meaningful action.

Every idea starts with a problem. Ours was simple: videos are powerful but we’re not tapping onto its full potential by creating content for social media. So, we decided to solely focus on videos that generate prospects qualify leads and gives you an edge on your competitors. Using videos strategically in your sales process means your sales team is working smarter, more efficiently and you know who is ready to buy right now.

Creating videos that inspire action isn’t hard, all it takes is a little bit of legwork. It turns out, all you have to do is ask. What inspires action for your audience, what do your audience want to see, how can we make videos that inspire that action. I don’t mean action in terms of views and vanity metrics.I truly believe that’s a bi-product of what you do. Action to us, it’s about staying true to your values, inspiring your audience to stay true to theirs and generating leads that increase your revenue. 

We started Darkmatter to create an alternative.

By circumventing traditional video production processes, treating each video project like a lean startup, A/B testing film content and engaging with your customers directly to get an idea of what they want, we’re able to provide bespoke video production that people actually want to watch and entices your prospects to get in touch.


Kaushik Kumar

Founder and Strategist

Shaleen Prasad-Kumar

Operations Officer