Podcast and Audio Production

Podcast Production

Podcasts are bite sized pieces of audio released consistently on your specific topic or niche. We can provide gear, help you set up edit your podcast, distribute and even host it for you or all of the above.

Podcasting is an expression of you and your message. We know how challenging it can be to bring all the pieces together and make your podcast cohesive and engaging.

Our podcast production services are designed to meet all of your post-production audio needs so you can focus on creating new content for your podcast. We’re a professional team and we’re even happy to host it for you!

Podcast production starts at $449 per episode

What’s involved?
  • Professional mixing
  • Mastered to broadcast standards
  • Noise reduction
  • Audio EQ & dynamic balancing
  • Add intro, outro, & sponsor message
  • Upload audio to hosting platform
  • Premium editing (up to 60 minutes)
  • Sound design, music & other sound effects
  • Audio restoration
Added extras

Transcription – $1.50/minute

Transcriptions are an awesome read-along for your listeners. A transcription is also a great way to turn your podcast into a blog.

Accompanying Video – $300

Along with your audio recording, we’ll also capture the entire interview on video so you have two pieces of content to share.

Our Process

The right questions can take your podcast to the next level. From equipment, software, and technique; to content and segments – we know how to make your vision a reality.

We edit your content, assist in segment creation, and to top it off we collect custom soundtracks and sound effects just for your podcast.

We take the final version of your podcast and ensure that it sounds as good as it can, crisp, clear and easy on the ears.

We’ll distribute your podcast at the highest quality with complete show notes and cover artwork to iTunes, Stitcher, Google Play through either PodBean or LybSyn

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