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Think about how many brands you’re exposed to everyday.

When you look at your phone, go online, walk to your car or drive down the street, it quickly reaches the thousands by the end of the day – provided you’re not living in a forest, of course.

Now think, if you were to list them at the end of each day, how many of those brands will you remember seeing?

Why use video?


Aside from videos being able to hold a user’s attention for longer, videos as a medium are constantly on the rise.

In fact, Vidyard reports that ad campaigns that use video have a 34% increase in conversion rate than those that don’t. Platforms like Facebook have been known to favour videos over static posts and having an active YouTube account (owned by Google) can also improve your search engine optimisation (SEO) for your business.

For instance, even Instagram – the former photo-sharing platform and one of the biggest social media apps globally – has redefined itself as a video sharing platform. So, even if one of the biggest software companies has moved to focus more on video marketing.

Should I use video for my Business?

Video is no longer reserved for high budgets and television ads. Thanks to the exponential rise of mobile, social media and other platforms, video is now an accessible tool for marketing – regardless of your industry.

In house and for external marketing purposes, businesses are now using video to:

  • Improve customer service
  • Advertise specials and promotions
  • Encourage brand loyalty amongst consumers
  • Demonstrate products and services
  • Share knowledge on your industry

The short-term benefits of videos can help businesses generate more leads and conversions with less expense than other marketing platforms.

While not all videos can go viral, organic sharing of posts online is just as good as word of mouth and can help spread your business message even faster.

Most importantly, it’s easy for your audience to share videos across social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or YouTube.

How to utilise corporate videos

Having a library of internal and external marketing videos ensures that you’re always ready to share information across your channels. There are two main areas to use corporate videos and that is online and internally.

Online videos

If you’re posting videos online, it’s important that each video is –

  • Consistent with the brand look & feel
  • Formatted to adhere to the platform it’s posted on
  • Has a clear message and purpose

Remember to ensure that online videos are following your overall marketing strategy and should be made so that viewers will want to share them online. For instance, a video that’s insightful has a popular guest speaker, is really informative or even humourous has a better chance of being shared than a video that’s not.

Internal videos

Videos tend to hold a person’s attention longer than a speaker. In addition, a video can be more affordable than pamphlets as it’s a once-off cost – provided that the information on the video is still up to date.

Your video production team can create internal training videos that can assist with –

  1. Training new employees
  2. Demonstrating new products or services
  3. Informative displays for conferences and events
  4. Providing realistic scenarios to apply knowledge

Should you hire a Corporate Videographer?

Unless you have the expertise yourself to write, film, produce and edit your video, hiring a corporate videographer is a sure-fire way for the videos to turn out exactly the way you want.

Contact Dark Matter for more information on corporate videographers or enquire about Dark Spaces Studio for hire.