Sales Hyperdrive is our bespoke video production service designed to influence sales.

What if we could give your prospective clients all the relevant information, at the right time, in a way that’s easy to consume and automated? We can do all of that using videos and sequences designed specifically for your business and your prospects. Dark Matter can help with that.

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“People are not interested in you. They are not interested in me. They are interested in themselves— morning, noon, and after dinner.” Dale Carnegie

We put the needs of the viewer at the centre of everything we create, which is the most powerful way to execute a video production project.

To kick things off, we begin by putting ourselves in the shoes of your customer. We begin by identifying what kind of questions they would need answers to before they convert. We brainstorm emotional connections that we can use to tie them to your business. We figure out what is most important to them and why they need you to solve their pain paint. 

We then package all of this up into a nice video that reduces their decision making fatigue, justifies their thoughts and positions you as their hero.

The Sales Hyperdrive Process



The first month is all about market research. We take a deep dive into your business and your sales process. Month one involves the following


Training and Development

The second month s all about script development and media training. This is when we start to build the scripts and work with your team to get them camera ready.



Once we’ve developed all your scripts, we begin production. This is where all the training, research and energy come to fruition. This is the exciting part.


Funnel build out

Once we’ve got the videos, we then start building out the funnels, create email sequences and embed email sign up forms on specific pages of your website. 


Metrics Tracking

This is when all the sequences are live, integrated with your CRM and we track relevant metrics to see if it’s making an impact to your revenue.



This is when we start the process all over again for other key services and/or update videos that need updating. The sales hyperdrive is an iterative process. 

Don’t worry. We’re here for the long term.

Your videos will need to evolve and change as your business grows.We’re always going to be here to re-create, refresh and re-energise your videos and funnels as you grow and introduce new services.

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