How to avoid death by powerpoint? Perhaps fighting a yawn during a not so well prepared talk? We’ve all been there… Today on Showing up, we talk about the five most common mistakes, people like you and I make when we’ve been asked to speak. Michael shares some valuable insights with us on this episode.

Welcome to Showing Up, your weekly video series that helps you show up at work, at home and in life. I’m Michael Philpott, I’m an expert in the art of public speaking, presenting and pitching. I help people to win the hearts and minds of any audience on any stage. 

And I’m Kaushik Kumar I’m a video producer and sales video consultant. I help business leaders sell, influence and engage using video. Having people who represent your company get up on stage means you are trusting that they will do an outstanding job unfortunately thats not always what happens.

These are the 5 reasons unprepared speakers are bad for your business. Heres the first one. When they don’t prepare it looks like they don’t care. 

Now It takes a special kind of heartlessness towards an audience to not be prepared. So why are there so many unprepared speakers getting on stage and making it so painful for everyone? I don’t believe anyone is consciously wanting to be heartless, I think that they underestimate how much preparation is required to construct and deliver a high-quality presentation

The average time needed to be fully prepared is at least one hour of development for every minute of content creation. So a 15-minute presentation will need at least 15 hours of preparation. Next one. The look like they don’t know what they are doing.

Now, contrary to popular belief the night before your big presentation is not the ideal time to realise you should have given yourself more time. umm ahh sorry about this, I didn’t have much time to prepare. 

Nothing screams unprofessional like a public declaration of procrastination and poor time management, and, Nothing says unprepared like a handful of tattered notes and a dazed, confused, and disorientated speaker.

And that leads nicely into the next one. They look like they don’t know what they are talking about. You don’t have to be an authority in your field to read word for word off of a PowerPoint, If the speaker sets up their visuals as a crutch and use them as a giant post-it note that they read off, then they have pretty much just given the biggest presentation of their life that shows a whole room of potential customers that they don’t know what they’re talking about and that looks bad but leads to point number 4, It looks like the business doesn’t invest in its people. 

Not many people seem to realise this you don’t get professional presentation coaching or training in high school, or college, or even on an MBA and yet in business it is expected that you will be good at it

Here’s the final one, It looks like there is a culture that doesn’t support employee success and sets people up to fail 

Who do you ask for help? Who will give you their time? Who within the organisation will give you honest and accurate developmental feedback who is qualified to do so. What does it say about an organisations culture when employees are set up to fail?

So, wether its on video or on stage we can help you if you want speaker coaching get in touch with Michael and if you would like videos created you can get in touch with Kaushik. A Huge shout out to Cafe Miro for sponsoring the brand new upstair event space for us to record our videos.

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