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As Michael and I have found, consistently putting out video content has massive benefits. However, videos are often seen as an expense instead of an investment.

Like a good investment, it’s the long game that matters. Buying and holding as well as consistently buying more to increase your position in the market is often a good strategy. Videos are very much the same. Think long term in vision and steady in action.

Welcome to Showing Up, your weekly video series that helps you show up at work, at home and in life. I’m Kaushik Kumar I’m a video producer and sales video consultant. I help small businesses and big corporates create compelling videos and online training programs that sell, influence and engage. And, I’m Michael Philpott, I’m an expert in the art of public speaking, presenting and pitching. I help people to win the hearts and minds of any audience on any stage. 

Doing a video for your business or for yourself can seem scary and hard, but as we’ve found its one of the best things you cold do for business. So, here’s three reasons why videos can help you in business and in life.Heres the first one

It’s the best way to gain awesome exposure. Videos are excellent for getting yourself out there. People see you, they hear you and most importantly, they start associating you with your particular set of expertise. Hence, building you as an authority in your field. 

Let’s put this in context, lets say you’re a Corporate lawyer, if your competitors are doing videos every week and you are not, who do you think people will remember? Who do you think people will go to when they need a corporate lawyer? More importantly, who do you think will quickly become the expert in commercial law in the eyes of the audience? The one doing videos of course!

Now, I’ve heard that it takes between 7 to 9 touch points before we start associating people  or businesses with something, Is this true? Absolutely, so if you’re putting out a video a week, thats 7 to 9 weeks of videos before people associating you with a particular field. Or, if you do a video a month, that between 7 to 9 months. A long time, 

Next one! Videos build your authority in your field. Now, we’ve touched on this before. Videos are a great way to build authority because people hear you and see you. So, the type of videos you do will have a massive impact on if you’re perceived as an authority.

So you’re saying that putting out a montage of footage on a backdrop of music with slow motion footage isn’t going to build me as an expert? Unless you’re in the event business and showcasing your work, probably not. We all have a bias called facial distraction, which really just means that as humans, we can’t resist looking at faces. 

So if you have a thumbnail with your product and another with your face, you’ll find that the video with the thumbnail of your face will get more attention and that leads nicely into the final one, set ambitious goals around videos.

A wise person once told me, Be Long in Vision and steady in Action. We’ve set an ambitious goal of doing a video a week for 52 weeks. That a big goal and steadily through action, we’re consciously scripting, recording and putting them out each week. 

Sure, we’ll get weeks where we won’t be able to do a video each week but its better to put 48 videos out instead of 52 then none. As the old saying goes, shoot for the moon and if you miss you’ll still among the stars and so with videos, set ambitious goals, be consistent and before you know it, you’ll get people stopping you on the streets or reaching out to you for your expertise. 

So, wether it’s consistently putting out videos or smashing it on stage, we can help. If you if you want videos created, get in touch with Kaushik and if you need speaker coaching get in touch with Michael.

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