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Have you ever seen someone speak and hold the audience? Someone that’s so charismatic that they become a leader that people follow and adore. Well it turns out, you can also be that person. Researchers at at the University of Lausanne have found that charisma is a skill that can be learnt. Heres what you need to know. 

Welcome to Showing Up, your weekly video series that helps you show up at work, at home and in life. I’m Michael Philpott, I’m an expert in the art of public speaking, presenting and pitching. I help people to win the hearts and minds of any audience on any stage. 

And I’m Kaushik Kumar I’m a video producer and sales video consultant I help business leaders sell, influence and engage using video. Today we are talking about charisma – can it be taught and can it be learnt? Over three months, an in-depth study was run at the University of Lausanne on a group of MBA students to measure if their leadership qualities could be increased through the teaching of Charismatic Leadership Tactics (CLT). 

By the end of the study, a staggering 60% increase in their leadership qualities was recorded. They were viewed as more influential, trustworthy, and leaderlike in the eyes of others. There are 12 specific tactics the MBA students learned in order to influence how their leadership abilities were perceived and acted upon in various situations. It may sound like a lot to take on, and it is, it’s taken me over 20 years to understand how all of these skills can be used to create a truly magnificent talk, presentation or pitch.

So we’re not going to overwhelm you by trying to impart what we know, let’s just start with an overview of these five things that your talk must have to inspire your audience to take action. Hers the first one 

Be Engaging. This is achieved when you remove all of your insecurities; you stop focusing on your need to be liked, your need to be validated, your need to feel special and important. Instead, focus on the needs of the people around you, become present, and naturally engaging. Leading nicely into the second one

Be Entertaining. Understand that your content is not enough, know that there are many aspects of communicating information that needs to be taken into account. There are many different ways of receiving and processing information,  and without an element of entertainment, you are avoiding some of your audience’s needs. Leading nicely into the third one 

Be Educational. There has to be something of value that the listener can take away from your talk. Make it easy for people to understand your content. Be considerate of meeting people where they are, at their level of understanding about a subject, and take them on a journey to increase their understanding which flows nicely into the forth one. 

Be Emotional. You have to create a resonance in frequency so your audience becomes in tune with you. Mirror neurones dictate that you will connect with your audience if you are

emotionally connected to your content. Which leads nicely into the last one,

Be Inspirational. Believe in what you are saying. See the bigger impact of your talk, its potential, and motivate others through your vision. So, Charisma can be learnt? Of course, just look at how far you’ve come. You can learn it too, There is a more in depth e-book that you can download in the comments. So if you want to become a more charismatic speaker get in touch with Michael and if you want awesome videos created get in touch with Kaushik 

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