Consistency is your best friend

The easiest way to build authority is to be consistency seen, heard and recognised. Putting out videos consistently works builds you as an authority, build strong brand awareness and creates trust and familiarity with your audience and prospects.

“Thank you Kaushik for doing such a fabulous job on my website videos. It wasn’t an easy feat doing the videos with inexperienced people. You made us relaxed and at ease with your calm demeanour and encouragement. An excellent experience.”

The Problem

Businesses often see videos as an expense, not an investment and its not their fault. Videos traditionally were crafted for very specific reasons, and often times, those reasons were not revenue or authority focused. 

We know from doing our own videos, that if you put out relevant videos consistently and tailor them to your audiences needs, you will build your influence and it will have an impact on your bottom line.

For most businesses, they want to grow, they want to increase their market share and they want to be known as the leader in their industry. Dark Matter is built to do just that.

How It Works

Sign up for four, eight or 12 months. Choose between five or ten videos each month and send us your branding collateral. That’s it, easy as that.

With all of our subscription packages, each video comes with complimentary  thumbnails and caption files and even better they’re embedded into your videos so you don’t have to worry about uploading any thing else seperately.

You will also get access to our resources like scripting templates. Authority is built consistency. If you want to have a chat and see how our subscription packages  can help you, get in touch, we’d love to chat.